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Lego Mixels Birthday Banner - Instantly Downloadable Printable Customizable Lego Mixels Happy Birthday Banner Includes all letters 36 Mixels

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This Mixels Inspired Birthday Banner includes every single letter of the alphabet so that you can print out not just the words Happy Birthday. But you can also print out your child's name. You could compose any message you'd like because the file includes every single letter of the alphabet.

*** This is an instant download, you can download it right from Etsy as soon as you buy it NO WAITING REQUIRED ***

Each letter is written in a Mixels inspired font, and the Banner includes 36 Different Mixels Characters Including.

- Krader
- Seismo
- Shuff

- Teslo
- Volectro
- Zaptor

- Chomly
- Gooba
- Jawg

- Balk
- Kraw
- Tentro

- Flurr
- Lunk
- Slumbo

- Glomp
- Glurt
- Torts

- Boogly
- Globert
- Vampos

- Burnard
- Flain
- Flamzer
- Meltus
- Vulk
- Zorch

- Niksput
- NurpNaut
- Rokit

- Footi
- Hoogi
- Scorpi

- Magnifo
- Mesmo
- Wizwuz

Print out the each letter you need on 8.5 x 11 paper (or A4) and then arrange them into a banner!

The images are crisp and clean, all in high resolution (300 dpi). The downloads include both in PDF and Zip file format. Each Letter prints perfectly on 8.5" x 11" paper, Print it at home, or take it to the print shop. They look best when printed on heavy paper.

I can create any themed birthday banner so just ask if you're interested.

Thank you for your interest.

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Lego Mixels Birthday Banner - Instantly Downloadable Printable Customizable Lego Lego Mixels Birthday Banner - Instantly Downloadable Printable Customizable Lego

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