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DIY Pokemon Inspired T-Shirt Iron On Squirtle Evolution Iron On Wartortle Evolution T-shirt Iron-On Download Blastoise Evolution Tshirt

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Product Description

This DIY Iron-On transfer will let you transform your regular white t-shirt / tank top into a fun amazing t-shirt.

*** This is an instant download you can download it the second you buy it ***

>>> This is not a physical item <<<

File is a PDF digital download designed to print on 8.5 x 11 inch (A4) sized paper. Images are mirrored and ready to print immediately.


1) Iron-on transfer paper (T-shirt Transfers Paper)
2) Color printer
3) WHITE * cotton t-shirt
4) Iron

>>> Make sure you buy Transfer paper appropriate for your type of printer <<<

To create your T-Shirt you need to follow the instructions that come with your T-Shirt Transfer paper.

* It's possible to use a color T-Shirt but you must make sure you buy special transfer paper that is designed for use specifically with colored or dark T-Shirts.

I am not responsible for any damage caused to your T-Shirt, Iron, Printer etc. Quality of the final product will vary based on the quality of your printer, transfer paper, and how well you follow the iron-on process.

All images displayed above are available to the public on the internet and are available for a one time personal use. I do not claim ownership to these images or have the rights to sell the images. What you are purchasing is my time to create them for you; however, you are not purchasing any of the images or rights to the images.

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